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InfinityArt offers a new way to collect based on the creation of modular, original and unique Artworks signed by the artist and with a certificate of authenticity. It facilitates the acquisition with comfortable formats of compatible and nestable works. From one or different artists and allows you to create personalized combinations, without size limits and infinitely. All InfinityArt works are supplied framed in hand carved, worked, machined and magnetized wood frames, and include the innovative Infinity Magnet Hook® magnetic attachment system. A two-way artistic path, a new way of living art, a kaleidoscope with a thousand inspiring infinities.


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Isabel Oliver - Jaque a las...

Price €2,500.00

Carmen Michavila -...

Price €400.00

Juan Cuellar - Gasoline is...

Price €1,595.00

Alejandra de la Torre -...

Price €240.00

Javier Calvo - Tangram 1...

Price €450.00

Javier Calvo - Tangram 1...

Price €1,200.00
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Luis Lonjedo - Blue - 2020

Price €2,750.00