Cento Yuste - Invenies Occultum I - 2020 - Fragment 4/6

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Técnica: Acrílico, rotulador. 

Medida: 26x26 cm. Enmarcada en marco Infinity de 2 cm de grosor. Incluye accesorio de fijación magnética... [Ver descripción].

Fragmento original perteneciente a la obra "Invenies Occultum Ipintada sobre 6 piezas InfinityArt® de 26x26 cm cada una. 

Esta pieza es combinable con cualquier pieza, de cualquier artista, de la Colección Caleidoscopio [26x26 cm].

Obra original y única creada y firmada por el artista

Incluye certificado de autenticidad


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All InfinityArt works are supplied framed in 2, 3 or 4 cm thick hand-carved, worked, magnetized and machined wood frames, and include the innovative Infinity Magnet Hook, magnetic attachment system, exclusive to InfinityArt, which allows you to attach the work on the wall in less than a minute, and adjust, rectify or move the placement of the work in all directions without the need to peel off or drill holes in the wall, making the modular set, essential of InfinityArt works, viable and practicable, and allowing you to easily decide the configuration of the composition and the exhibition design of the works, modify it or expand it at any time ... More information, videos and installation and usage guide.

Data sheet

Cento Yuste
[Measurements] Caleidoscopio
Puzzle Modules [26x26 cm]

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  • https://infinityartgallery.net/modules/productvideos/views/videos/10/thumbnail/thumb_CENTO-YUSTE-INFINITY-ART.jpg